Dangers of teeth whitening

Teeth whitening has been proven to be the best choice many have made in their entire lives. However,  less fortunate individuals who have undergone the bleaching procedure may beg to differ, having realized that they have made a big mistake. Basically, while teeth whitening can lead to teeth which are aesthetically pleasing and beautiful, the procedures which are necessary prior to this metamorphosis may be more than uncomfortable.

The Price of a Beautiful Smile

In most cases, teeth whitening is not a dangerous procedure. Yet, when one opts for performing it at home, using some over-the-counter remedies, unless he/she knows exactly what he/she is doing, there is a great risk of dental damage and deterioration, which in turn causes an additional problem of bad breath. Namely, the acidic properties of certain products of this type have been related to enamel destruction. Thus, if you are not certain about what you are doing, skip DIY teeth bleaching.

Many teeth bleaching products contain hydrogen peroxide. This chemical, in adequate amounts, is excellent for getting rid of stains and some minor signs of tooth deterioration. Yet, if the dosage of hydrogen peroxide is too high, frequent teeth bleaching can cause gum and teeth irritation, ranging from minor to severe. So, before using any teeth whitening agents at home, consult with your dentist or any other medical expert. Additionally, make sure you follow all the instructions you get with the product.

While side-effect are rarely present after in-office teeth whitening procedures, at-home solutions can, and often do, lead to prolonged and gradually increasing teeth sensitivity, mostly felt when the teeth are exposed to hot or cold water and carbonated drinks.

Furthermore, another perilous fact related to teeth bleaching is the danger of accidentally swallowing the product, potentially triggering nausea, vomiting or burning sensations in the esophageal or stomach area. In fact, experts have confirmed that there is a connection between the hydrogen peroxide and tongue cancer, especially if the chemical is used in the form of gel.

All in all, in order to stay protected during your teeth whitening endeavors, avoid carrying the procedure out on your own. Looking for more info? : Dr Michael ZachariaRather, play it on the safe side and seek professional help from a reputable dentist. On the other hand, if you choose to stay with the DIY solutions, use high quality products and follow the directions carefully and thoroughly, avoiding excessive and frequent use.