How To Make Butter

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I have a confession- I love butter; although I am a coconut oil girl, butter holds a very dear place in my heart, and kitchen. Recently I began making my own butter with great success; so when I received an email question from Amber, I was more than excited to show you, and her, how to make butter.

Amber wrote:

I am specifically looking for grass-fed butter and have been for a while….I’m wondering is there such a thing available here in Edmonton or (canada at all)? I had emailed a local farmer who has GF cattle and was inquiring if they had any butter, and they told me because dairy cows are different they require grain to produce milk….thought this was odd. Maybe it is true to gain a bigger yield of milk? or is it a dairy restriction? As I know you can buy GF butter in the US.”

In light of Amber’s question and my own difficulty finding grass fed butter, I thought this is the PERFECT time to show you how to make butter.

Before I tell you how to make butter, I will tell you how not to make butter; butter cannot be made with nut or soy milks of any kind- I tried. The idea of making butter is to separate the fat from the liquid and although non dairy milks have fats in them, they just don’t behave in the same manner. Save yourself the hassle and use cream.

Nut and seed milks won’t make butter, and not all dairy milks and creams are created equal in the “How To Make Butter” process. Skim milk is useless in so many ways, including making butter; homo milk will yield such small amounts of butter, it’s not even worth the effort; half and half cream will work to a degree; but in order to yield the most butter aka fat, the cream has to have a high fat content to begin with. Organic whipping cream or 33%MF is what you want to use for making butter.

What you will need is:

  • A Blender
  • 500ml heavy cream
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1/4 cup chopped chives*

Combine all the ingredients in the blender and pulse/stop the mixture until the liquid has separated from the fat. The cream will whip and the break apart, this is how to make butter.

*If you are preparing a sweet butter, use fresh fruit of your choice.