Getting healthy, be it through healthier eating, exercise or both, are lifestyle modifications that have the power to change our lives for the better- there is no disputing this; but sometimes we can forget that the quest for health doesn’t come with a finish line.

This weekend, as my holiday party schedule got into full swing, an overwhelming feeling of “oh no” began to wash over me. This feeling ignited by all the alcohol, tarts, cakes, cookies and so much more I was allowing to enter my body; my mind started to turn on me, saying things like “you’ve ruined it, all the work you’ve put into your health- you’ve ruined it”; and even crazier, I began to feel like a fraud. I mean, I write and teach people about the power of healthy food, and there I was allowing myself to completely indulge. Honestly, this happens to me from time to time, when I find myself faced with food that I wouldn’t normally allow myself to eat; and the holidays are full of these moments.

After a good night’s sleep I awoke with some clarity on the issue; or perhaps you could say reason once again entered into the picture; to remind me that this path to health that we’re on is a journey. Like the yellow brick road there will be detours; but the point is always to get back on the road. And I think I would be far more fraudulent if I sat here and pretended that I was perfect ALL THE TIME; because honestly friends, I’m not. I like wine- a lot; and when faced with a lemon tart, I can be known to say yes.

Ladies, life is meant to be lived. Does this mean that we should drink to excess and eat whatever we feel with no regard for what we put into our bodies- absolutely not. However, it does mean that a glass of wine with friends or a delicious dessert at a holiday party IS okay; I would even say it’s necessary for our mental health!

So this holiday season, be sure to care for yourself by prioritizing exercise and eating healthy when possible; but remember to allow for wiggle room. Eat that piece of cake and enjoy it, guilt free. Because, when all is said and done, this is a journey and tomorrow is a new day!

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