Spiced Roasted Carrots With Honey

Whoever dreamed that roasted carrots with honey were good idea, is a genius; but quite often carrots don’t get the credit they deserve. Maybe it’s because they are so common that they’re presence is taken for granted; and when post people turn their thoughts to carrots, rabbits come to mind. However the humble vegetable that is the carrot, with as little as one carrot a day, may possibly cut the rate of lung cancer in half. This isn’t to say that you should pick up a pack of Belmont Mild cigarettes and light up worry free due to minimal carrot consumption; but the cancer fighting properties of this venerable vegetable should not be ignored.

Carrots are incredibly high in carotenoids, which are antioxidants found in plants and associated with a range of health benefits. Carotenoids also provide the rich pigment of colored fruit and vegetables; and women over 45 consume 50 percent more beta-carotene, 40 percent more alpha-carotene and lutein/zeaxanthin and 10 percent more beta-cryptoxanthin, than younger women do; but as a whole, we women simply aren’t consuming enough. Now before you starting thinking about glycemic indexes and the like let me explain some crucial points.

Although carrots rank high on the glycemic index, it really doesn’t matter; what matters is their glycemic load. The index tests are done on a 50gram portion of carbohydrates, whereas the load tests are done on real life portions. What this means for carrots is that you’d have to eat an extensive amount to see a significant rise in blood sugar; but seeing as I’m a chef and not your doctor, if you have diabetes, consult with him or her about whether carrots are for you.

Fall has officially arrived in Edmonton, with a slight chill filling the air; but the sun is still shining brightly doing her best to ease the transition. I bought these rainbow colored carrots at the market last week as a complete impulse purchase, seeing as I grow my own carrots. I didn’t need to buy them, but I was charmed by their intense coloring; besides the outdoor market season is drawing to close, so why not?! And although lore would suggest that carrots are food for the rabbits, I beg to differ; especially when you roast them!

As the season changes and the coolness descends on Edmonton I find myself gravitating toward heartier cooking techniques and their accompanying hearty foods; and slow roasting and root vegetables go hand in hand. Roasting carrots brings out their aforementioned natural sweetness; and when you slather them in coconut oil, cumin, and raw honey, tasty things happen.

Not much else to say, except it’s in your best interest to make these spiced roasted carrots with honey.

10 large carrots, washed
1 ½ tbsp coconut oil
1 tsp raw honey
1 tsp cumin
½ tsp salt

Preheat oven to 4000F.
Combine the coconut oil, honey, cumin and salt and melt, either in a small pot on stovetop or in the microwave- your choice. Arrange the carrots on a baking sheet in one layer, and pour the honey mixture over top. Roll the carrots in the honey mixture until all are well coated. Place in the oven and roast for 30 minutes, shaking the pan occasionally.