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Project Management Angles:

Angle 1: The Onboarding Process
Angle 2: Using Training as a Tool for Success
Angle 3: Best Practices for Vendor Communication
Angle 4: Managing Workflow
Angle 5: Strategies for Staying on Track
Angle 6: Using Post-Project Reflection as a Learning Tool

Technology Enhanced Items Angles:

Angle 1: Technology-Enhanced Items in Assessment
Angle 2: Speak. Listen. Learn. The Use of Audio and Spoken Response Technology Enhanced Item Types in Modern Day Assessment
Angle 3: Beyond 1 + 2 = 3: Auto Scoring for Open-Ended Math Questions
Angle 4: A Helping Hand: The Use of Hints & Worked Solutions in Assessment
Angle 5: Getting Personal: The Use of Computer Adaptive Testing in Assessment

Instructional Design Angles:

Angle 1: Instructional Design and the New Classroom
Angle 2: Trends in Instructional Design
Angle 3: Creating Compelling Courses
Angle 4: Personalized Learning
Angle 5: Using Assessment in E-Learning
Angle 6: Supporting Active Learners Through E-Learning

White Papers:

The Key to Successful Vendor Client Relationships
Technology Enhanced Items in Assessment
The Evolution of the American High School
Custom Content Solutions to Challenges in Standardized Assessment Development

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